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Thank you to Dr. Ilene and Mr. Pils. Our professional development sessions were filled with information, strategies, and resources that were relevant and timely. They provided us with the tools to take what we’ve learned and apply it right away in the classroom. It has been a pleasure working with them this year. I look forward to working with them in the future. Ms. A. - American Academy for Girls

Ms. Eva was great! I really enjoyed her sessions. I learned so much and I know my school year will be much more structured. Thank you for your time and effort. Nora - British Playhouse Nursery

We had a great and structured course. The staff had a fun and entertaining time. Thank you for your valuable time. We really appreciate all the work you’ve done. Tala - British Playhouse Nursery

Our sessions with Ms. Eva were so lovely. The staff and myself were happy to attend our sessions every week. The lessons were informative and interactive! They truly helped me in becoming a better teacher. Thank you! Eva - British Playhouse Nursery

I really enjoyed the 6 workshop sessions which really helped me a lot. The main parts that helped me the most were about how to treat kids with special needs. It was a helpful workshop that gave me a chance to talk about all the problems that I go through with my kids every day. I really wish to do more workshops that would benefit me. Ms. Bashaer - British Playhouse Nursery

I really enjoyed the course taught by Ms. Eva. I learned valuable knowledge on how to approach teaching. My favorite part was how to properly tell a child they are wrong or misbehaving without hurting their self-esteem. I will take the knowledge I learned in this course and apply it in the classroom as well as at home. Kayla - British Playhouse Nursery

It was a very useful workshop. I started assessing situations differently. The most important information I gained from this workshop is to limit praise and increase encouragement. It was an amazing experience. Thank you very much Ms. Eva. Marina - British Playhouse Nursery

The assignment was carried out with complete dedication and commitment. The ideas and suggestions provided have been put into practice and have helped the nursery streamline the daily routines and curriculum delivery. Devesh Sharma - British Orkids Nursery

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